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For mere chump change, you too can take steps to protect your sheet metal and paint. Superior Tank Mounts offer the elasticity of rubber combined with the toughness and durability of metal. 2-piece in design and precision molded in black Polyurethane, these mounts fit all stock & custom applications.

These will not dry-rot, crack or crumble, they are oil and solvent resistant and unaffected by heat or cold. Plus they offer greater vibration dampening.

Superior Tank Mounts 6pk

SKU: 002-006
    • Abrasion Resistant
    • Tear Resistant
    • Weather Resistant
    • Oil & Solvent Resistant
    • Heat & Cold Resistant
    • Higher Load-Bearing Capacity
    • Vibration Reduction
  • These are direct replacements for stock & after-market rubber bushings OEM #11447.

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